Ryan Cain and the Ables is a WV native rockabilly band that, since its inception 7 years ago, has traveled the East Coast performing early rockabilly hits and original material, alike, for those who long to hear the authentic sound of 1950s Rock and Roll. 

Exciting live performances have gained the band a large fan base of all ages that grows every day. “My Pistol Rides Shotgun,” the first of the band’s two albums, was critically acclaimed and was nominated for an Ameripolitan Award for “Best New Rockabilly Album.” Singles from that album went on to earn a spot in a NASCAR/Mobile 1 Oil advertisement campaign, while another track was used in the CW’s hit series “Supernatural.”

Hailing from Clarksburg, WV, Ryan has played music professionally for over twenty years with the hope that his music is keeping the original roots of Rock and Roll alive.

"Ryan Cain and the Ables are the most authentic-sounding rockabilly band on the U.S. scene."

East Coast Rockabilly Central, 2017



"I am now a true believer in Ryan Cain and the Ables. This guy is the real deal. do what it takes to see him live. 

Mark Segraves, NBC Washington, 2018