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"As if forged from the fires of a distant, long-forgotten jukebox, "Cigarette Money" has emerged as an irresistible tour de force of Western Swing. [Cain's} self-deprecating, witty lyrics offer a glimpse into growing up in Appalachia, weaving a rich tapestry of social commentary that feels both nostalgic and refreshingly modern."  - Certified Bop Magazine, 2023

"Mere seconds into "Lustron On The Moon" it becomes blatantly apparent that Ryan Cain is a man of both experience and unbridled creatitivity when it comes to writing and arranging authentic-sounding tracks of this nature...."Lustron On The Moon" is about as close to a rockabilly sound as you're likely to find without somehow managing to find a way back to the 50s itself." - Andre Avanessian, 2023

"I am now a true believer in Ryan Cain. This guy is the real deal. Do what it takes to see him live."
    Mark Segraves, NBC Washington, DC 

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"It goes without saying that the performances are simply on fire."

Andre Avenessian, 2023



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